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Banana Roller

We at Belmark Industries offer you a Banana Roller which provides a number of other advantages. It is useful for regulating loose edges. This roller can aid in the separation of slit webs accessible on the winder. The roller will be extremely useful in managing fabric tension and edging, as well as rewinding and unwinding. Banana Roller is now offered in a few ranges like Banana Roller, and Banana Bow Roller. Apart from this our rubber bow rollers aid in the removal of saggy centers. As a result, possessing a good roller will aid in the completion of any work in any business.


Banana Bow Roller

Banana Roller

Banana Roller is also known as Bow Roll , Bow Spreader Roll, bowed Roll, Curve bar Expander, Wrinkle removing Rolls, Banana rolls are available in hard chrome surface, rubber surface and also covering for non-sticking applications. Hard chrome surface Banana bow Rolls are used where speed is more than 300 meters per minute. If the speed is more bigger diameter is used to reduce the rpm of the roll. Bow roll works only when there is proper lead-in and lead-out distance and kept the roll in proper warp angle with the web material.

Banana rolls are rolls are supplied with bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gearbox with hand wheel and counter pedestal bearing block. Bow angle can be adjusted at 36 degree warp angle, using this wheel gear box. When the Roll get maximum wrinkle removing stop the bow angle adjustment and lock the bow adjustment and no further adjustment be made on the settings. Bow position is shown on the Roll shaft by an arrow showing the bowed position of the Roll.

Belmark makes Banana Rollers (Bow Rollers) having very wide range of dimensions and suitable for equally wide range of applications and web materials. They are supplied with mounting brackets, which could be either wall mounting or foot mounting. The Expander Rollers we offer consist of bowed shafts, sealed ball bearings, abrasion resistant sleeve and metal segments. These are widely used as wrinkle remover devices in various industries and are available with us in various dimensions. Further, these are also supplied with gear box and mounting brackets which can either be Foot Mounted or Wall Mounted.


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