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Banana Roller
we bring forth is an ideal wrinkle remover device suitable for a large range of applications and web materials. This type of device is highly efficient, low maintenance, sturdy construction, durable, user-friendly, and can be availed in varied dimensions at reasonable prices.
Banana Bow Roller
Banana Bow Roller is the best device for removing wrinkle from a variety of applications as well as web materials. It is made with combination of sealed ball bearings, bowed shafts, metal segments, and abrasion resistant sleeve. Also, it is low maintenance, durable, and cost-effective.
Expander Roller
Application of Metal Expander Roll can be noticed in leather processing, paper production and textile industries. Available with suitable mounting bracket, this metal roll is equipped with shaft, sleeve with abrasion proof design and sealed ball bearings. It can be obtained in different specifications.
Safety Chucks
Safety Chucks that our company proposes are ideal products extensively utilized for winding or unwinding purposes in varied industrial applications. Also, they save the loading as well as unloading time. They are well featured with maintenance free design, lightweight, and sturdy construction.
Rubber Roller
Rubber Roller that our renowned firm offers is most widely utilized in many different industries such as paper, printing, plastic, and tyre. The roller has high strength, strong construction and long life as it is made of sealed ball bearing, smooth rubber sleeve, steel shaft with developed technology.
Industrial Rollers
Our company presents a wide collection of Industrial Rollers that has great usage in industry of paper and printing. Made of the best grade metal, they have long service life due to their crack resistance design, ideal rolled shape with fine finish, sturdiness and high durability.
Wrinkle Removing Rollers
Aluminum fabricated Wrinkle Removing Rollers is acknowledged for its application specific design and high durability level. Offered in different surface finish based specifications, these metal rollers are simple to install and maintain. These can endure high load and high temperature.
Air Shafts
Aluminum made Air Shafts are offered with black oxide treated or chrome plated surface. These are used as indispensable components of paper production, cutting system, bag making and various other types of equipments. Low maintenance cost, ergonomic design, ease of handling and simple installation method are the main attributes of these metal shafts.
Static Eliminator
Aluminum alloy made Static Eliminator is used to minimize static electrical charge by generating negative and positive ions. Known for its low noise operation, this metal product can endure high temperature and high pressure. It helps to avoid over voltage condition, electric spark and short circuit.

Scroll Rolls
Made of best grade stainless steel, our range of Scroll Rolls is used for smooth running of textile equipment. These are offered with hot dip galvanized surface so that these can endure high temperature and rust prone working environment. Advanced design of these rolls enables these to eliminate wrinkles from textiles.
Hard Chrome Roll
Presence of stainless steel or aluminum or carbon steel made Hard Chrome Roll can be noticed in textile calendar machine. Offered with chrome plated surface finishing, this metal roll is completely protected against wear, chemical and rust. Maintenance free design, precise diameter and heavy duty design are its main features.
Spreader Roller
Acknowledged for its rugged look, this Spreader Roller is used as significant part of various industrial equipments used in printing, textile and other industries. This aluminum or mild steel made roller is abrasion and wear proof. Offered in different design and material choice options, this metal component is highly durable.
Slat Expander Rolls
Slat Expander Rolls can be accessed with aluminum and wooden slat designing options. Designed by efficient personnel, these rolls tend to extend at specific level based on the rotational speed of the slat. These rolls are utilized to rewind and unwind paper or fabric.
Pneumatic Cloth Guiders
Offered in pair, these Pneumatic Cloth Guiders are utilized for surface finish and dying of fabrics. Simple to install, these cloth guiders can be operated under high speed. These pneumatic guiders are equipped with safety rods to safeguard rollers, pressure regulating valve and suitable mounting accessories.
Ink Circulating Pump
This form of pump is best suited for improving the printing and coating quality. We also fix few valves in the pumps which play a vital part in controlling the flow of ink inside the tank.
Web Tyre Cord Aligner

Web Tyre Cord Aligner is much more than just a source of energy. It is intended for precise and high-quality edge guiding systems. However, it generally provides modulated power to the actuating devices. It is a control signal amplifier as well as a power source.


Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment may eventually imply that your equipment is too unsafe to use. Safety is the most crucial factor in every workplace. This requires very low maintenance and replacement costs. This is very economical to use.


Bow Rolls

Bow Rolls are the most often used wrinkle removal tool. They are made up of a bent shaft, metal segments, sealed ball bearings, abrasion resistance, a rubber sleeve, and other components. We also produce rubber filters.

Machine Tools

Machine tools, are mechanical constructions used for cutting. They make use of several moving axes to provide relative motion, means of securing and orienting the tool, means of controlling the workpiece, and methods of controlling the energy source and the means above.

Machinery Parts

Machinery Parts helps to increase equipment longevity and decrease the requirement for new equipment purchases. They avoid unscheduled downtime, which may be expensive and disrupt the production process. They avoid the need for costly repairs as a result of carelessness too.

Double Shaft Tyrecord Bow Roll

Double Shaft Tyrecord Bow Roll are intended for eliminating wrinkles from tire-cord textiles. Our products are well-liked for their great strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and temperature.

Tyrecord Centralizer Cord Aligner

Tyrecord Centralizer Cord Aligner is made in accordance with international standards utilising high-quality raw materials and modern technology. Keeping in mind our clients' unique needs, we provide the full range in a variety of sizes and specifications, all at an accessible price.

Stainless Steel Roller

Stainless Steel Roller is also used in rolling and grinding mills because of its density and strength in breaking ore, grain, polymers, and softer rocks. It is utilised in etching presses, where they are used in conjunction with plates to press prints onto paper.


Hard Anodized Aluminum Roll

Hard Anodized Aluminum Roll is an ecologically friendly electrochemical technique that turns the aluminium metal surface into a porous aluminium oxide, resulting in a more durable and weather-resistant finish. This advantageous outcome, offers up an infinite number of application opportunities for enterprises.


Core Holding Device

Core Holding Device is made up of a slotted base pipe, metal leaves with knurling/serration, a rubber bladder, a non-return valve, and appropriate journals. This sort of shaft can be utilised at the unwind station, however it is generally employed at the rewind step for advantages.



Metal Expander Roll

Metallic Bow Roll is used in the paper, rubber, tyre, converting, laminating, and plastic industries. It is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to meet the needs of the client. We make this using high-quality materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity.



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