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Industrial Rollers

We manufacture and export a versatile range of Industrial rollers at competitive market prices. These hi tech rollers, widely used in textile machines, paper mills, steel plants, printing, packing and process machines, are acknowledged for their sturdiness and smooth operation. These Industrial rollers are comparatively light in weight and anti corrosive in nature. They are also preferred for their immaculate functioning and low maintenance cost. They are offered in the market in varied customized designs for ensuring better client satisfaction.

  • Durable & Reliable
  • High performance
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance

Air Shaft Roll

Grooved Rollers

Grooved Rollers with different groove patterns on the surface. The groove design aids in the development of cushioning and resonance. They act as a distinguishing feature that aids these rollers in becoming capable of handling sensitive films. You can select the product based on your industrial needs. Our provided Grooved Rollers aid in the process of wrinkle reduction without inflicting any harm. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They are among the most used designs in the industry.

Rubber Roll

Spiral Cooling Roll

Cooling Roller

Cooling Roller is a finishing equipment that applies a heat transfer technique to extrusion coating operations or flat sheet extrusion. Other common applications include textile, paper, plastic, laminating, roofing, winding, and extruding. The task is highly efficient, and the size and patterns may be modified. Apart from this, our provided Cooling Roller is commonly attached to the web on the left side to reduce the temperature of the web to the path of heat-set ink temperature. This is very effective and economical to use.

Mirror Polished Roller

Ebonite Rollers

Stainless Steel Cladded Roll

Guide Roller

Light Duty Tyre Cord Centralizer

Light Duty Tyre Cord Centralizer we propose is available in various configuration options, and provides for ideal working support as per demand of the customers. It has great usage in tire-cord machines such as liner re-winder, dipping plant, calendars, let-off, and wind-up stations. Some of remarkable features of Light Duty Tyre Cord Centralizer comprise available in jointed axle bowed rolls for heavy/light duty according to the usage/fabric tension needs; rolls with sensors on either sides for sensing side cloth edges and taking correction as needed by jointed axle bow rolls.

Static Eliminator Drawings

Static Eliminator Drawings are the products that render protection to susceptible items from the effects of static discharge. These static protections are also known as anti-static electricity devices, antistatic (anti-static) devices, or static charge eliminators. These work by reducing, dampening or otherwise inhibiting their buildup or discharge. Static electricity can influence products in a wide diversity of industries, such as medicine, plastics processing, printing, automotive, electronics, power generation semiconductor processes, and residential services, and power supply. Static Eliminator Drawings also help to stop static difficulties in all of these sectors.

Ptfe Coated Roller

Balmark Industries is believed to be a reliable Non-Stick Ptfe Coated Roller Exporter from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Ptfe Coated roller is Spray PTFE coated for preventing sticking of materials on the surface. This kind of spray coated rolls has limited life, because as the roll touches any hard surface, the PTFE coating gets removed. Upper Ptfe Coated Roller is provided for rubber or any other kind of Roll for non sticking applications. The PTFE sleeves are imported, rather manufactured in India. Ptfe Coated Roller is provided for only specific length and diameters.

Specifications required for ordering bowed roll :-

Fixed or adjustable bow angle type.
Kind of covering needed. If not known, please advise the material type running on the roll, and any other type of environmental concern, like solvents and oils that might come into contact with the covering.
A web path drawing and preferred position to place the Bowed Roll in relation to other rolls in machine. Keep in mind that an ideal position must have long inlet distance from the previous roll to the bowed roll, and short distance from the bowed roll to the next idler roll.
Determine if it is new application or a replacement for an existing unit. In case of existing unit, provide all current dimensions, such as roll diameter, amount of bow, face length, mount dimensions, including bolt centers and sizes, dimension of roll center from frame base to center of roll.
Sealing if needed, against what kind of infiltration? Liquid, dust, etc. and what type?
Web speed, line speed and web tension.
What you want to accomplish with the bowed roll, for instance getting rid of wrinkles, spreading slits, etc.
What type of mounting is needed: Foot or Flange (base mounting/ wall to wall mounting)

SS Cladded MS Roll

The S.s. Cladded M.S. roll comes with a cladding technique in which two different metals are bonded collectively by extruding as well as pressing two metals via a die or rolling pieces under high pressure. The stainless steel cladding of this roll is extremely durable as well as resistant to environmental effects. The stainless steel covers a good amount of chromium (minimum 10%) that reacts with oxygen to form an inert layer of chromium oxide (Cr2O3) that is non-porous and limits further oxidization. S.s. Cladded M.S. roll can be employed on carbon steels as well as low alloy steels.

Heating Roller

We are offering Heating Rollers, which have been offered with reduced silvering. Offered with modish technology, the products are rendered with lateral surface. The products trim down the appearance of micro bubbles (silvering) upon utilization of laminate, which results in quicker delivery to the client without lead times. The roller temperature can well be attuned as required and work as the new products made to take heat aided lamination to a full new level. The products are combined with the advantage of flatbed application as well as our new (patent pending) technology. Offered Heating Rollers are serviceable as the most versatile tools. The roller temperature can be well adjusted as needed.  Supplied with reduces silvering, these have controlled heat across the rollers lateral surface. The products have been rendered with three heat modes 30, 40, 50oC ( higher temperature on request). Offered with the combo of heat assisted laminator as well as flatbed applicator, these have a power supply of 7.5A (120V - 230V ) and are operated from 20oC  to 50oC <15 min. The products are rendered with 800w consumption.

Hard Chrome Rollers

Backed by the industry experts and modern infrastructure, we manufacture and supply excellent quality of Hard Chrome Rollers / Hard Chrome Plated Roller. It finds wide application in the paper and printing industry. In adherence with the quality norms set by the industry, these rollers are prudently manufactured by using high quality materials under the guidance of the experts. Our Hard Chrome Rollers can be customized in different specifications according to the requisition of the client.  


  • Durable quality
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Crack resistance   

Brush Roller

We have acknowledged by our clients as a renowned entity, engaged in manufacturing and supplying Brush Roller / Cylindrical Brush Rollers. Under the guidance of the experts, our product is manufactured at our production plant by using high quality materials.  This roller is checked in sync with the quality standards set by the industry. In the textile industry, this roller is extensively used for removing the wrinkles. We are offering this Brush Roller to our clients at a moderate price. 


Brush Roller is made once the roll is ebonite coated so as to avoid rusting on steel surface. The types of brushes available include nylon brushes, animal hair brushes, synthetic brushes, for several applications, including cleaning and brushing of blankets. Brush rollers or roller brushes are utilized for brushing machines as well as for cloth finishing operations. We also make available strip brushes, special roller brushes for pharmaceuticals industries, applicator brushes and such other related products.

Features and specifications of Brush Roller :-

  • Free running capability for conveying lightweight loads.
  • Economic alternative to SS tube rollers.
  • Plastic conveyor rollers are available in either blue or grey.
  • Can be used in wet, humid, and wash-down environments.
  • Non-marking advantages when in contact with the flat/ modular belts' white top surface.

The offered industrial brush rollers are durable, reliable, resistant against corrosion and moisture. The industrial brush rollers are widely used in printing, construction, machine handling and other industries. These industrial brush rollers are offered at highly competitive prices.

Features Cylindrical Brush Rollers:

  • Excellent durability
  • Abrasion proof
  • Enhanced functional life

Bow Banana Roller

Offered Bow Banana Roller are the most commonly employed wrinkle remover devices, which are principally incorporated with sealed ball bearings, bowed shaft, rubber sleeves, metal segments, abrasion resistant, etc. Available with wide compass of dimensions, these are suitable for equally wide ambit of applications as well as web materials. Provided with mounting brackets, the products are widely employed as wrinkle remover devices in assorted industries and are accessible with us in different dimensions. Further, the products are provisioned with gear set as well as mounting brackets which can either be Wall Mounted or Foot Mounted. Offered in the diameter up to 300 mm & length up to 8000 mm, these are accessible with varieties in their structures.

Available varieties of Bow Roll :

  • Vary Bow Expander Roller.
  • Rubber Sleeve Covered. (High Quality Synthetic Nitride Sleeve).
  • Metal Expander with hard chrome sheeted surface for high speed utilization.
  • Sleeve Expander Rollers for non-sticking usages.

Working of Bow Roll available with us:

  • Single Acting Bow Roll & Double Acting Bow Roll
  • The execution of our Rubber Expander Roller (Bow Rollers) is based upon the following points:                     
  • Wrap angle
  • Position of bow (Adaptable)
  • Lead-in as well as Lead-out distance
  • These can attain optimal results, when are perpendicular to the web direction.

Advantages of our Bow Roll are:

  • Control Slack Borders
  • Take away wrinkles
  • Obviate baggy center
  • Separate slit objects on mechanical device
  • Try to compensate lateral tension across the width of web

Function, Features & Finishing :

Also noted as Spreader Rolls, Curve Bar Expander and Wrinkle removing, these are available in rubber surface as well as hard chrome surface. Chrome surface bow Rolls are utilized where velocity is more than 300 meters minutes. If the rate is more than the bigger diameter, these can be employed to cut down the rpm of the roll. The products are only operated when there is proper lead-in and lead-out distance. The products are kept in proper warp angle with web physical. To do such warp angle correcting all rolls become essential. When the rolls get maximal wrinkle, stop the adjustment of bow angles and put the axial rotation on bow locked point, so as to prevent the extra changes in bow setting.

Applications :

  • Serviceable for the removal of slack edges, wrinkles, spreading, the products also execute slit separation. Driven via web tension without any excess drive, the products are employed in  plastic converting machines, paper industries, textile processing machines, printing, laminating, coating, in manufacturing, processing, winding, batching, and re-winding.
  • Bowed Rolls are available in foot or flange ascension in accordance with specific essentials. The products are offered with following variations :
  • Bow angle aligning worm-worm wheel gear knot with hand wheel
  • Bow Roll with rim mounting supports
  • Banana Roll
  • Rubber Glazed Bow Roller
  • Bow roll with spare drives
  • Pulley Driven Metal Bow Roll
  • Foot Mounting Bow Roll
  • Flange Mounting Bow Roll

Ink Circulating Pump / Pneumatic Cloth Guider


We are the leading manufacturer of STATIC ELIMINATOR / INK CIRCULATING PUMP / PNEUMATIC CLOTH GUIDER in ahmedabad, Gujarat.

SS Scroll Roller

SS Scroll Roller

We are a leading manufacturer, offering products conforming to the international quality standards as well as norms. The qualitative range of Scroll Roll / Scroll Rollers fabricated by us is widely used in the scrolling roll up banner or stands (meant for displaying advertisement screens or other promotional content/pictures, etc.). We ascertain that our SS Scroll Roller are manufactured in accordance to the client specific requirements such as size, material used, coating/finishing, and more. Being a quality oriented exporter, we certain that all the products are in sync with the latest technologies & market demands. Over all these years, our company has gained the reputation of a trusted supplier supplying wide range of Scroll Roll that is:

  • Temperature resistant
  • Portable
  • Light in weight
  • Durable

Metallic Bow Roll

Metallic Bow Roll

The wide array of Metallic Bow Roll / Metallic Segmented Bow manufactured by us is a key component for making wrinkle free paper as well as to keep clothing in excellent working condition on Paper Machines. We take pride in introducing ourselves as a commendable manufacturer, engaged in meeting the exact & ever rising needs of our valued customers. We fabricate our Segment Metallic Bow Roll/ Metallic Segmented Bow using premium quality raw materials and offer it in various coatings. As a reliable exporter of the domain, we comply with the international standards & norms as well industry set guidelines. Over the years, our company has emerged as a reputed supplier offering world class Metallic Bow Roll and Segment Metallic Bow Roll that are:

  • Accurate in dimensions
  • Used in high speed paper making machines
  • Resistant to wear
  • Available in various coatings
  • Have longer servicing life

Metallic Bow Roll is the most common wrinkle removing roller used worldwide. Belmark is a pioneering company that manufactures and supplies bow rollers. This is also referred to as Spreader roll, Scroll Roll, Wrinkle Removing Roll, Expander Rollers, Banana Roll, Slat Expander roll, etc.

These rolls are supplied with mounting brackets, which could be either wall mounting or foot mounting. The bow expander rolls comprises abrasion resistant sleeve, metal segments, bowed shafts, and sealed ball bearings. The bowed roller is mainly used as wrinkle removing device in several industries. Customers can avail this roller in several dimensions. It is mainly provided with gear box and mounting brackets which can either be wall mounted or foot mounted. Bow Roll is provided in hard chrome surface, rubber surface, and also PTFE covering for non-sticking applications. Hard chrome surface Bowed Roller is utilized where speed is over 300 meters per minutes. In case the speed is more, the bigger diameter is utilized for reducing the rpm of the roll.

Bow roll operates only when there is appropriate lead-in and lead-out distance as well as kept in appropriate warp angle with web material. The warp angle adjustments can be made with offered bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gearbox along with hand wheel and counter pedestal bearing block. Using it, one can simply make adjustments in bow angle at 360 degree warp angle. Once the roll gets maximum wrinkle removing, one can stop making adjustments in bow angle and set the roll on bow locked position. It is recommended to not make any changes in the bow setting bow warp angle with the set web materials. An arrow indicates on shaft position and shows the bowed position of the roll.

For high speed applications, metal expander with hard chrome plated surface can be utilized. PTFE sleeve is utilized for non-sticking applications. Bow rolls can be utilized to remove wrinkles, slack edges, slit separation and spreading. Web tension drives most of the bow expander rolls, without any extra drive. These are mainly used in plastic converting machines, textile processing machines, processing, coating, printing, laminating, winding, batching, re-winding and paper industries.

Bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gear box along with hand wheel metal is mainly utilized for before high-speed Paper slitter re-winders for wrinkle removal and after slitting for slits separation. Big diameter and heavy weight rolls with paper tension can not be driven independently. Therefore, an extra pulley is given for driving the metal bowed Roll.

PTFE Expander roll is utilized before size press where wet working condition and extra drive are needed for rotating the roll. PTFE rubber bow roll can be utilized for application where substances sticking on the roll is an issue.

We are one of the major Bow Rubber Expander Roll manufacturing companies in India. The fabricated Bowed Rollers find applications in Industries, including:

  • Rotogravure Printing & Flexo Printing Industry
  • Tarpaulins Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Plywood & Laminates Industry
  • Jute Industry
  • Paper Industries
  • HDPE Woven Sacks Industry
  • Fiber Industry
  • Carpet Industry
  • Artificial Leather Cloth / Vinyl
  • Leather Industry
  • TyreProcessing Industry
  • Converting Industries (Printing/Lamination/Coating)
  • Non-Woven Industry
  • Aluminum Foil Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Yarn Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Metalising
  • Polyster Film Industry
  • Industrial Beling & Conveyor Beling Fabrics Industry

Hard Chrome Plated Roller

Hard Chrome Plated Roller

Our domain expertise has enabled us to lead in the market by manufacturing a qualitative assortment of Hard Chrome Plated Roller. These rollers are fitted in most of the web manufacturing, processing and converting machines owing to their corrosion and abrasion resistant nature. The Hard Chrome Plated Roller is also demanded to be used in piston rod material in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. These rollers require excessive amount of strength following to their operation thus we manufacture them using highly advanced methodology of surface removal, polishing and hard chrome plating. The offered range can be availed in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Product Features:

  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Customized diameter and face length
  • Wooden case packaging
  • Affordable prices

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