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Machine Tools

We are here to provide Machine Tools that act as power-driven equipment used for cutting, shaping, and finishing materials, such as a lathe, miller, or grinder. They provide lathes, grinders, and other machine tools for sale. They may be used to shape metal or wood. These tools are tested under various parameters to ensure their high working and excellent durability. Machine Tools are offered in wide varieties such as Light Duty Tyre cord Centralizer, Web Guiding Systems, Heavy Duty Tyrecord Centralizer, and many more. They are used in consumer electronics, vehicle manufacturing, railway locomotives, the shipbuilding industry, the military industry, the aerospace industry, and other sectors.

Light Duty Tyrecord Centralizer

  • Color: Black and silver
  • Roller Length: 0-100 mm,200-300 mm,100-200 mm
  • Roller Diameter: 50-100 mm,0-50 mm,100-200 mm
  • Roller Surface: Natural Rubber,Silicone Rubber,Polyurethane,Neoprene,Nitrile Rubber

Web Guiding Systems

Heavy Duty Tyrecord Centralizer

Scroll Roll Spreading Machine

Bow Expander Spreader Rubber Roll


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